Monday, 31 October 2011

October 27, 2011

Unfortunately we were not able to go to the hostel in Levanto and willnot be able to go tot the Cinque Terra, as the area is in a state of disaster.On Tuesday that area recieved a lot of rain that washed out streets, trails, hydro, shops, and rail service. Therefore we decided it was best not to go into the area.

We instead have gone to Bolonga and will be staying here for three days. Tomorrow we are going on a walking tour of the historic downtown. After Bolonga we will be travelling on to Florence.

At the new hostel we are staying at we get little house like cabins that are quite nice, it's a bit like camping but better. Tonight for dinner we had penne pasta in a spicy tomato sauce to start, for the main course we had a regional specialty which was part of a back of a leg of beef or pork (I am not sure which) with potatoes, and for dessert we had tirimisu. It was a very good dinner, very filling.

This morning before we left Verbania we had a walking tour of Villa San Ramigio. The theme for the villas garden was feeling, it was suppose to be a garden of feelings. It was very pretty. We then took the bus to Bologna.

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